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Making a Former Brownfield "Green"

It’s been more than 150 years since early settlers came to Denver in search of gold in the late 1850s.

Since then, the city has seen many changes in its landscape. And while much of this early history is captured in photos and historical sites, some of the lesser known remnants of this development are still found in the environment, specifically the soils where development once stood. Labeled as a “brownfield,” these sites can be challenging to redevelop, as they have to first meet current environment standards.

With numerous brownfield sites across the city, Denver has been working to help assess and cleanup these sites with the help of grants to promote economic growth and redevelopment.  In some cases, these sites are redeveloped with a special focus on integrating sustainable elements, and more energy efficient materials to help preserve the environment. A great example of this is the 10th and Osage site, which was cleaned up thanks to a 2006 EPA Brownfields Assessment grant which focused on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) sites in the city and an EPA Brownfields Cleanup grant.

More than six years later, what was formerly designated as a brownfield site is now home to a mixed-use building featuring 100 affordable housing units for seniors and the disabled above ground-level commercial spaces.   Managed by Denver Housing Authority, the building achieved the LEED Platinum designation, the highest achievable sustainably designation by the U.S. green building council.

For more information about Certifiably Green, or Denver’s Brownfield work, visit www.denvergov.org/deh

Provided by Environmental Qua will be Wednesday, June 26. National Bike Month is celebrated in May in other states, but with possible late winter storms in Colorado, our state has always opted to do it in June.

Colfax Green Partnership

The Colfax Green Partnership is a combined effort between the CBID, The City of Denver, Colfax on the Hill and the West Colfax Improvement District. Working to promote  Certifiably Green Denver, the Partnership is committed to helping businesses along America’s longest avenue reduce operating costs and be more sustainable. All businesses that fall within CBID are invited and encouraged to participate in the program. Enroll in Certifiably Green Denver today and join your neighboring businesses on Colfax in a free greening initiative! As a Colfax business you will be assigned a no-cost sustainability advisor from the City to help you find opportunities to reduce operating costs and be more sustainable. There is no charge for service and the impact on your business (and the environment) is almost immediate.

Located on the ground level, Osage Café recently became the 68th business sustainably certified through DEH’s Certifiably Green Denver Program, which works with businesses to become more sustainable by reducing water, energy use and reducing waste.

“This is a great example of ‘making lemons into lemonade’” says Janet Burgesser, Program Manager of Certifiably Green Denver. 

The Colfax Business Improvement District believes in promoting a healthy natural environment as well as a healthy business environment. The Colfax Green Partnership promotes both in tandem. We encourage you to capitalize on the rebates and knowledge made accessible through this Partnership. E-mail stephanie@colfaxave.com or call CBID at 303-832-2086 if you have any questions.

Energy Star Program for Businesses in the Colfax Business Improvement District:

Virtually any small business can improve its energy efficiency easily and cost-effectively, using the numerous resources that are available both from ENERGY STAR, as well as a wide variety of other organizations. These resources are available to help you through the process of completing an upgrade.

The Colfax Business Improvement District is proud be working with ENERGY STAR and we continue to hold Small Business Energy Improvement Cost and Tax Savings workshops. Through the "Portfolio Manager" program at the ENERGY STAR website, businesses can learn to manage energy and water consumption, rate your building energy performance, estimate your carbon footprint and more.    

Partner with ENERGY STAR to become an environmental leader. Through improvements in energy performance, retailers can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance corporate profitability, all while reducing the carbon footprint of retail stores, supermarkets, and restaurants.
Visit the "Getting Started Page"

Please feel free to contact our ENERGY STAR partners for more information: 

Patty Crow - crow.patty@epa.gov
US EPA Region 8
1595 Wynkoop Street, Denver, Colorado 80202-1129
303-312-6464 business, 303.312.6044 fax

Kate Gregory - gregory.kate@epa.gov - 303.312.6175

For additional information contact the Colfax Business Improvement District at 303.832.2086 or by email, admin@colfaxave.com.


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