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The April 13th Business Watch meeting addressed assistance with the homeless and transient population.  Resources from the meeting: 


The Colfax Business Improvement District (CBID) has presented $180,000 to the city and the Denver Police Department to finance the installation of High Activity Location Observation (HALO) cameras along Upper Colfax (Colfax Avenue from Grant Street to Josephine Street).

"The Colfax Business Improvement District's new relationship with the Denver Police Department marks a significant investment in the retail, office and residential development along Denver's historic main street," said Stephanie Salazar, CBID economic development director. "The addition of 'HALO' cameras, an upcoming streetscape program and the current streetcar feasibility study all reinforce an ongoing commitment to Upper Colfax."

Recently, Board Chairman Leonard Austin accept a $40,000 check accepting $40,000 from Alecia of 7-Eleven for  2 HALO cameras.    


DPD Dist. 6 - Bike 6

The All Weather Bike Patrol combines high visibility patrol and close community contact, with the ability to stealthily approach criminal violators without notice. The Bike Patrol engages heavily in proactive enforcement, arresting numerous narcotic violators, as well as public order crimes. Due to their versatility and specialized training, Bike Officers are capable of riding through heavy pedestrian traffic as well as vehicular traffic to respond to calls.

The Bike Patrol patrols the Capitol Hill and Downtown Business District areas throughout the year. The Bike Patrol is utilized for special events in the District 6 area, at local music and sporting venues, as well as conducting Patrol functions. The Bike Patrol has the time and flexibility to focus on solving problems in high crime areas, and is helping to improve the quality of life in the Colfax areas and central Downtown areas.

The Bike Patrol has contributed greatly to the decrease in crime in the area and is another example of bringing Community Policing to the area through Community-Police


Denver Police's urban bike effort needs our attention. In this corridor of Upper Colfax, it is the most effective way to fight crime and maintain a safe environment. According to Denver Police Commander, Tony Lopez, "policing on bikes provides us with the opportunity to ride up on criminals while they are involved in the commission of many crimes." He adds,  "It has proven to be a very successful tool in our fight to address crime on E. Colfax Ave and in Civic Center Park."

Denver Police's resources for urban bike police is critically underfunded. District 6 or Bike 6 can only currently dedicate 2 full-time officers Monday through Friday. And we in Upper Colfax are lucky when you look at the surrounding statistics:There are no full time riders on Details 1 or 3.   Bike Six spends the majority of their time on Capitol Hill, the Colfax Corridor, and Civic Center Park & surrounding area (bus stops, Capitol, library, museum).

What comes first: bikes or officers?

The cost of a new bicycle meeting the minimum requirements for an urban bike (21 speed with front suspension) runs between $700-900.  It costs an additional $125-150 to outfit the bike with the necessary equipment. According to DP sources, it's possible to purchase and equip a bike for under $1000.00.  There is minimal annual maintenance costs as all minor maintenance and repair is done either by the officers themselves or the three bike mechanics in the Urban Bike Group.  Repairs that are more involved are approved by the commander ahead of time and done by local bike shops that work with us (Collins Bike and Turin are two).

Yet what good is a bike that can't be used? With current Denver police staffing, it would not be possible to keep a contingent of bicycle officers riding without any down time. The bike-certified officers are assigned to the details and staff precinct cars. They would have to pull them off of cars in order to staff a bike patrol. Unfortunately, the department does not have the luxury of doing that right now.

Denver District 6 needs Upper Colfax's immediate support to supplement this program. Email your support of Bike 6 to


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